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FIS products facilitate custom financial analysis of the Banking Industry.

Regulators & Banking Research intensive financial services companies rely on the accuracy of FIS Bank Financial data and Ratings.


FIS is the trusted information partner for US banking industry financial information.  FIS is a powerful comprehensive financial research tool that includes Real-time and Historical financial data for all Banks, Bank Holding Companies, and Credit Unions in the United States.  


If you are using the FDIC website or UBPR’s to conduct painstaking and time-consuming research you should consider FIS Analyst Software.

FIS Analyst Software

40 Quarters of Full Financial Statements, Performance Ratios, Contact Names, and FIS Bank Ratings.

FAST – The data is captured real-time as each institution files.

RELIABLE – Extracted from FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA, and SEC filings.

ACCURATE – FIS captures all current AND historical filing amendments, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Nothing is more important.

POWERFULCreate Advanced Scenario Analytics

FIS Ratings

FIS is the top US Bank Rating service. We rate them all: Banks, Credit Unions, and Bank Holding Companies. Find details about the FIS Ratings under Bank Ratings. See why FIS Ratings are the Best Bank Ratings.


Bank Officer Names and Addresses 

Key contact names for all institution types. Get a customized list of Titles and Names along with Mailing Addresses. Everything you need to populate your internal customer contact database or to do a mailing. Including your choice of select financial items.


Custom Reports

If you need financial data for a project, get a custom report from FIS. You tell us about your project and we will help you create it.   Custom reports for Bank peer reports, Branch Market share reports, and industry Risk Analysis Reports.


FIS is the right tool for Peer Analysis, Correspondent Banking, Credit Risk Management, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Market Share Analysis, Bank Mergers targeting or  Facility Planning.


FIS uses many sources for the data. The primary external sources are:

  • Bank Call Report filed quarterly – source FFIEC
  • SEC filings
  • Bank Holding Company Y- 9 data filed quarterly – source Federal Reserve
  • Credit Union 5300 Call Report filed quarterly- source NCUA
  • Branch Report of Deposits filed annually – source FDIC
  • FIS uses multiple sources for additional data and daily updates